Sizzling Plate

Served on a hot plate with rice, miso soup and salad.

Beef Teppanyaki

Stir fried beef cubes, bell pepper, onion, garlic with teriyaki sauce.


Chicken Teppanyaki

Stir fried chicken cubes, bell pepper, onion, with teriyaki sauce.


Tofu Teppanyaki

Stir fried mixed vegetables and lightly fried tofu with teriyaki sauce.



Marinated thin sliced rib eye beef in Korean BBQ sauce with onion.

Spicy Chicken

Chef’s special spicy chicken with sliced jalapeño and onion.



Korean B.B.Q short ribs with onion.


Spicy Pork

Grilled pork slices in Korean spicy hot paste sauce served on hot sizzling plate.